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Engaging the Youth in Our Church Today

The Church is a place for everyone. That's the message we want to send, but sometimes it gets lost in the shuffle.

We all know that forming lasting relationships between our Church and its youth is important. As a Church, we want to engage the youth in our community in ways that will help them grow as individuals and as Christians. But how do we do this?

Make Church a safe place for youth to share

We must create a safe space for youth to share their thoughts and ideas. This means that we need to make sure that we listen carefully when they speak up or participate in ministry opportunities. It also means that we need to encourage them to ask questions rather than criticize them if they make mistakes during these times.

New Church-goers (especially the youth) will feel more comfortable engaging when the Christian language is easier to understand. This means that you are explaining concepts they may not have encountered yet.

Involve the youth in growth plans

Being mere listeners can often make the youth feel as if they are only spectators of the Church. It’s important to remember that the youth cannot only bring a new perspective but a sense of passion and creativity as well.

Instead of making a call for volunteers of all ages and gender, approach those who have the skills and talents needed to participate in Church activities. If you know someone who is interested, you can ask them as well. This way, they will feel a deeper connection with the Christian community.

Communicate in their language

Understanding how the youth communicates is essential so you can reach them and let them feel involved in Church. Whether you want to reach them through SMS, email, or social media, it’s important to keep your message clear and relevant to them.

A tip? Although social media and email is the easiest way you can send out your message, studies have shown that the youth respond to SMS better, increasing subscribers and volunteer turnout.

Moving forward to a world of togetherness

Taking the time to really understand our kids is a vital part of helping them feel connected and valued within the walls of our churches.

Head to Lessons for Christian Youth’s website to see free recommendations on Christian books, activity ideas for youth programs, and more.

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