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We at want to assist youth leaders by offering creative lessons for youth groups, icebreakers and activity ideas for meetings. For more information...

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355 Pages of Activities, ideas and lessons for youth groups to be used in Christian Youth Programs

lessons for youth groups

Carefully indexed so you can find just the right activity for your youth gathering. There are  lessons for youth groups included in the activities. The indexes are best viewed in the paperback edition. One index is by activity topics; the second is by the Bible passage that is the basis of the activity.

"I think this book is really good and helpful. I first read the online version of the book because i did not want to pay for it. But after reading a couple of program ideas and having a very successful youth program I totally HAD to get this book. This book with unique lessons for youth groups is well worth the money."


Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings is a Godsend!! You have laid out in an organized  and easy-to-read fashion so many wonderful ideas, activity plans and lessons for youth groups that we will never again feel uncomfortable when getting ready for our next Christian youth group meeting. I am new to the role of Christian Youth Group leader and your book gives me confidence with so many lessons for youth groups and youth group activities, that we can, indeed, succeed with God's help.   

 Laura Cooley, Patchogue, New York

Future journey of faith after war
sci fi lesson for youth groups

More ways to reach Christian Youth: The Chest of Visions Book Series. Talk their language as you engage their imagination in lessons for youth groups that will impact your youth. Books one and two have activity lessons for discussion at end of each book.

Lessons for Youth Groups
Sci fi lesson for youth groups
Hero of Lessons for Youth Groups
Survivor of the future Nuclear War

It is a new year, 2024  and I have been fortunate to receive a new award for the latest sequel to The Chest of Visions Series.

This third book in the Christian Sci-fi Series is entitled: The Underground Faith of God's Multiverse. 


It examines the years 55 AD through

325 AD as they would play out in a parallel universe. A truly unique lesson for youth groups. There are over 25 reviews on to read.

Give it a try!

Topics for Youth Group Lessons

    Will you Dare to Dream


Lessons for Youth Groups

     Climb Every Mountain


Lessons for Youth Groups

        Hope for the Future


Lessons for Youth Groups

        Making a Difference


Lessons for Youth Groups

      Peace, Hope and Love


Lessons for Youth Groups

       Changing the World


       God's Universal Truth

                 taught in

   Lessons for Youth Groups

Also: Third Place in the Global Book Awards under the "Religious and Inspirational Fiction" category. Truly lessons for youth groups, particularly on the value of prayer and the importance of forgiveness, are included in this retelling the first 325 years of the Christian Faith as if it occurred on another planet. See how it is the same yet different in a parallel universe.

More reviews and book details can be read at:  More Details and Reviews


  Two Possibilities exist:   


Onlinebookclub Review: October 28, 2022

"Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the universe, or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." This famous quote by Arthur C. Clarke kept ringing in my mind as I read this book...

Tim Ferguson advances Cosmology theory that explores the possibility that during the Biblical creation process, after the creation of Heaven and Earth, the Spirit of God created two parallel universes by dividing the existing one into two. In this case, the two universes would be the Earth and Caperston. Similar unfortunate events happen in both universes that would drastically change the lives of their inhabitants. The Earth faces a deadly war that destroys its vast parts, killing most of its occupants. In the Caperston land, an irresponsible, crude, and defiant leader starts a fire to tame religion but destroys an otherwise firm a stable kingdom. The recovery from these two events gives rise to leaders in both worlds. Kudo, whose brother dies in the war, takes charge of his village and goes on missions to find other survivors of the war in a quest for unity...

I have to applaud the author's imagination and creativity.

He builds these stories, the infrastructure, the characters

and the events of these parallel universes quite expertly

Tim knew what he wanted to put out there and delivered it


I loved this book for most of its message. The author used

the citizens' experiences of these two worlds to convey the

vital messages of love and forgiveness. The Bible quotes in

the book were also profound and added authenticity to the

stories. The book's length was also perfect. The author put

all this information in just over two hundred pages.

Yet, it was good enough to pass the message without being tedious

or unnecessarily lengthy. Truly unique lessons to share with youth groups.

To read the entire review on the website, please

                                            click Full Review

futuristic lesson for Christian youth
Lessons for Youth Groups

Youth Leader Guide

offers lessons for youth groups, icebreakers, and activities on topics such as faith, justice and love. Presents youth group lessons that are fun, that will develop friendships and teach Christian faith. Read the reviews: Not the Same Old, Done-it Before Youth Meetings

Christian Youth Sci-fi

Christian Sci-fi that shares the struggle between the beleaguered Mountain People and the biased Valley People.

We meet the prophet, Chi-hay-su and his youth disciple from the well to do community, Mattpaul , as faith inspires change in this riveting drama. They dare to dream of a better world.

Wonderful Ideas and Lessons for 
youth groups

"Tim is amazingly creative, coming up with themes and ideas for communicating the gospel to youth that are fresh, fun and above all do the job."

Rev. Kennedy McGowan, Hollywood Presbyterian Church, Florida

"This is an excellent book packed with games and activities that can be easily used in conjunction with some good, sound biblical teaching. Filled with unique lessons for youth groups. I highly recommend it! :)"

Troy D., Amazon customer

 A "Fascinating Concept ..."


​​The Chest of Visions by Tim Ferguson is such a fascinating concept; that teenagers from parallel universes discover such similarities between their faith and beliefs. I absolutely adored Mattpaul as a character, his strength of conviction to stand up and fight for his beliefs was admirable. The similarities between Jesus and Chihaysu also made for a really interesting comparison, especially their views on how every human is equal. I thought the themes covered such as life after death, sinful behavior, forgiveness, and miraculous healing from the perspective of each universe would make an important discussion session for youth religious groups... This is a superb read and one that belongs on every Christian's bookshelf. 

When read with a group it is filled with wonderful lessons for youth groups.


​                                                                  Leslie Jones, May 2, 2021

scifi lessons for youth groups
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