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It is Here! The third in the Chest of Visions Series of Christian Sci -Fi Novels. 

The Underground Faith of God's Multiverse

In 2033 astronomers discovered a message from a parallel universe reaching out to our own. The message chronicles 100 years of history describing an evolving faith community. Meeting underground to protect themselves from a ruthless ruler, the believers in the faraway world of Caperston find a way to find the truth and to work together for the common good.

Over the same period of time in our universe, a watchful young man from Africa,

named Kudo, is called to leave his village and seek out survivors of a nuclear war on Earth that

decimated better than ninety-nine percent of humanity. With less than one percent remaining,

Kudo must rely on his ability to read the stars to accomplish his mission.

The Underground Faith of God's Multiverse traces simultaneous events in both universes. As Kudo

seeks survivors of war, the believers in Caperston are also seekers … of truth. They ask the most

relevant question: who is the man, that taught them of the existence of a Caring Creator? The

mysterious Chest of Visions has answers.

As the challenges of both earthlings and the people of Caperston intensify, a messenger appears and

connects the two worlds. Through him and supported by the same higher power, Kudo of Earth and believers in Caperston share mutual interests and their journeys of faith. One theme is the value of forgiveness. A second is their joint realization that the creator of both worlds is a Caring Creator, who wishes to be empowering to those who call on him.


In a Christian sci-fi drama, the ultimate reality of God’s Multiverse is revealed.

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offers tried and true  icebreakers, and activities on topics such as faith, justice and love. Presents activities that are fun, develop friendships and teach Christian faith. Read the reviews: Not the Same Old, Done-it Before Youth Meetings

Christian Youth Sci-fi

Christian Sci-fi that shares the struggle between the beleaguered Mountain People and the biased Valley People.

We meet the prophet, Chi-hay-su and his youth disciple from the well to do community, Mattpaul , as faith inspires change in this riveting drama. They dare to dream of a better world.

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  Not the Same Old Done-it-before Youth Meetings is a God-send!! You have laid out in an organized and easy-to-read fashion so many wonderful ideas and activity plans that we will never again feel uncomfortable when getting ready for our next Christian Youth Group meeting. I am new to the role of Youth Group leader and your book gives me confidence that we can indeed succeed with God's help.

Laura Cooley, St. Paul's Church, Patchogue, NY

 A "Fascinating Concept ..."


​​The Chest of Visions by Tim Ferguson is such a fascinating concept; that teenagers from parallel universes discover such similarities between their faith and beliefs. I absolutely adored Mattpaul as a character, his strength of conviction to stand up and fight for his beliefs was admirable. The similarities between Jesus and Chihaysu also made for a really interesting comparison, especially their views on how every human is equal. I thought the themes covered such as life after death, sinful behavior, forgiveness, and miraculous healing from the perspective of each universe would make an important discussion session for youth religious groups... This is a superb read and one that belongs on every Christian's bookshelf.


​                                                                  Leslie Jones, May 2, 2021


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