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Trust and Prayer

Lessons for Christian Youth is dedicated to providing resources for youth ministries and for individuals looking for ways to develop their relationship with God.  The website provides free Christian youth activities on our Activity Ideas webpage. In addition there are books  that will  empower the reader's faith through stories and activities.

Of particular note is the Chest of Visions Series. The first two books of a three part collection are now available in a  series of  inspirational Christian sci-fi dramas. The first book is now available in an audio version as well as an e-book and paperback.

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Not the Same Old
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The Chest of Visions:
Secrets Of Caperston

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Youth Leader Guide

offers tried and true  icebreakers, and activities on topics such as faith, justice and love. Presents activities that are fun, develop friendships and teach Christian faith. Read the reviews: Not the Same Old, Done-it Before Youth Meetings

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Christian Sci-fi that shares the struggle between the beleaguered Mountain People and the biased Valley People.

We meet the prophet, Chi-hay-su and his youth disciple from the well to do community, Mattpaul , as faith inspires change in this riveting drama. They dare to dream of a better world.

The Chest of Visions: New Pathways 'cross Broken Highways


It is here ... the second book in the Chest of Visions Series, subtitled: New Pathways 'cross Broken Highways begins where the award winning book one (Secrets of Caperston) left off. Earth youth, Alex, daring to dream,  travels down a wormhole to meet with youth from Caperston that he has been corresponding with. He becomes an integral part of an 18 month drama in Caperston while life, home at earth, must deal with tragedies that call him to return. But first he has a role to play in the evolving struggle between the well to do Valley people and the looked down upon Mountain people. Twists and turns lead to an unanticipated outcome as faith and hope prevail but not without hardship.

Like the original this was an award winner in the annual Readers Favorite contest.

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Gang

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Dessert and Discussion Night

Friday, Nov. 5, 2021

Topics: People love to talk about the "good old days". Were they really that good?


Younger generations. How do they view themselves?

What role does faith play in their lives?

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