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Inspirational Sci-Fi 

Why use Inspirational Sci-Fi?

Starting or running a youth group is a very noble thing to do. If you have a youth group in your community, one of the things that you will want to do is offer a more personal way to get through to them. Younger kids often learn better by reading inspirational sci-fi instead of being lectured to. There will be more interest in your youth group if you can offer some fun and interesting activities for the kids to enjoy. Using inspirational sci-fi allows the reader to engage, and learn christian lessons that will demonstrate God’s presence in life. For a younger group of kids, reading can really motivate them and inspire them in a way that they wouldn’t have naturally grasped before if it was being taught to them through lecture. Reading connects the reader to their thoughts and mind and drives them in a way to believe not only in the story they are reading but the lessons the story is providing.  If you would like to get more ideas about what kind of inspirational sci-fi we have that you might want to offer in your community, please feel free to contact us.



How Bible Games Make Your Christian Youth Meeting More Fun



Naturally, you will want to include Bible games in your Christian youth meeting. The reason is that Bible games make your Christian youth meeting more fun for the kids that attend. A great Christian youth meeting will incorporate many different ways to learn, have fun, and connect with each person involved. This is exactly what we hope to accomplish, here at Lessons For Christian Youth. We want your experience with our Christian youth meeting to be a fantastic one, and for you to learn and grow as a person.

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