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Connect with Scriptures Little by Little

The Bible can be completely intimidating. There are thousands of verses to read, but what if you focus on one verse each day? This is a great way to connect with the scriptures and familiarize yourself with different stories, experiences, and parables especially if you are new to studying the bible.

Here are some things you can do with the verse you read every day.

  • Consider reading the verse in different translations such as NIV, ESV, NLT, KJV, and more. – Each verse sounds different, so you’ll notice a slightly different perspective from other books.

  • Write them – By writing the verse will help you remember the words and stay in your memory. If you want to take it to another level, write out the different translations as well!

  • Read it in modern language – The words in the bible are paraphrased and written in modern language. It’s fresh and new! This will help you connect better with the verses and be able to engage in bible study.

  • Read comments in the verses – There are various comments in each verse online. See what is written about it each day to help you get a thorough understanding of the meaning and significance of the words.

  • Take notes of the verse that has an impact or something that you have learned from it.

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