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Christmas Special - both books in the Chest of Visions Series are offered as a set at a discount to members of "Change the World with Faith, Hope and Love" and "Lessons for Christian Youth Ministry" Facebook Pages.


The first book, The Chest of Visions: Secrets of Caperston begins an eight and a half month long saga beginning with the introduction of the gospel in the far away world of Caperston. Local youth respond with enthusiasm and the gospel calls for the elimination of a segregated world of Haves and have nots.


Book two, The Chest of Visions: New Pathways 'Cross Broken Highways continues the saga for eighteen additional months as tragedy brings a broader awareness to the entire community. A troubled youth from Earth travels to Caperston via a wormhole and meets the Caperston Messiah. He becomes enmeshed in the challenges of their world. Great drama follows with many unexpected turns in a Christian sci-fi novel, which focuses on the themes of forgiveness and prayer.

Buy Two: The Chest of Visions Series

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