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The Chest of Visions series is a Christian sci-fi drama. A “Prophet”, Chihaysu, preaches equality amongst the “Halves” and “Have nots” in the world of Caperston. His messages resemble the words of Jesus Christ. A follower,Mattpaul, discovers a link to a website on Earth and establishes contact with youth on Earth. The question: “Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?” is answered as the story unfolds.


Mattpaul is from the privileged Valley Community and is about to begin a prestigious job. When Chihaysu appears, introducing the idea of an unseen ruler named God, chaos follows. The idea of a God is unheard of in Caperston.


Chihaysu also speaks out against the inequality of the classes in Caperston and Mattpaul decides to give up his promised job to follow Chihaysu. He enters a conflict where resisting powers, led by his father, cannot accept the idea that there is a God who sees all people as equals. Other young people join in the movement and tension arises as Mattpaul faces the ultimate test of faith.


The book concludes with eight pages of activities for Christian youth leaders to use, when discussing the events taking place in the story.

The Chest of Visions: Secrets of Caperston

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