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Several youth are on the way to your church anticipating an evening with friends. They seek direction from their youth leaders , which will engage them in activities that bring them together. Whether five, fifteen or fifty are in the group, "Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meeting" has ideas for you.


From the simulated court dramas of "The Jury Speaks" to the interactive "Trust Exercises" youth will find fun, faith and friends. The "Olympics" describes seven weeks of events, which equally challenge athletic and intellectual skills. "Flashlight Sing" will get the most introverted youth singing while "Walking on Water" brings them into the presence of Jesus, himself.


The structure and indexes of the book make it easy to find just the right activity for your youth group meeting. The book gives youth leaders the tools to creatively plan events, which meet each group's unique needs while having fun, making new friends and enhancing the faith of all participants.

Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings

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