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Thirteen Year Old Asks: Is World War 3 coming?

Debates in the USA and around the world are asking questions about the state of the planet, Conservationists are concerned about the environment, while others are concerned about immigration regulations. The ability of the general public to get weapons that go beyond recreational hunting and self defense is a concern. Nationalism is on the rise as a "Me first" philosophy seems to be taking hold.

Last week my 13 year old grandson asked me if World War 3 was abouut to start.

Nothing, to me, is more concerning than our children stating that they anticipate that the world may be on the brink of war.

"Me first" can lead to dysfunctional relationships on a personal and national scale. What are your thoughts?

Matthew 25:31-40 calls us to feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty. It also calls us

to extend one's home to a needy stranger and to provide clothing for those in need. Your answer for this 13 year old is most welcome.

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Tim Ferguson
Tim Ferguson
Feb 02, 2020

Received the following on Instagram in answer to this post...

Children are waking up 👍 my son who is 14 is a big conservative and he debates his teachers 😂 some are liberals and some conservatives. He has a Trump 2020 sticker on his locker the art teacher took it down and wadded it up. The PRINCIPAL made her give it back to him 😂 it's all around our youth. Iran, China, etc. It's all predicted in the Bible bubba Wars, plagues, disasters of every kind but it's ok because my trust is in the Lord


Timothy Ferguson
Timothy Ferguson
Jan 17, 2020

These concerns are real amongst our young people and all Americans need to call on their political leaders to act wisely. For we Christians we must stand for our values including Christ's admonition " Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God".

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