Thanksgiving Feature:

Five Kernels of Corn


This activity is intended as a prelude to a Thanksgiving dinner for our youth group but it could also be done independent of the dinner.

In order to aid youth to understand the severity of life in the Pilgrim colony, before a Thanksgiving dinner with the youth, have them sit around a decorated table void of food. Then bring out a paper plate for each youth member with five kernels of corn on each. Note that these are not ears of corn but kernels of corn. Youth are then advised that when the Pilgrims arrived from England, life was not easy....

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A Seasonal Game: Football Bible Trivia … play the

game but you only advance by answering a Bible

Trivia question correctly. Fun and Educational. 

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Thanksgiving Feature: Five Kernels of Corn



This activity is intended as a prelude to a Thanksgiving dinner for our youth group but it could also be done independent of the dinner.

In order to aid youth to understand the severity of life in the Pilgrim colony, before a Thanksgiving dinner with the youth, have them sit around a decorated table void of food. Then bring out a paper plate for each youth member with five kernels of corn on each. Note that these are not ears of corn but kernels of corn. Youth are then advised that when the Pilgrims arrived from England, life was not easy. Months before the first Thanksgiving feast there had been hardship. Most of their attempts to plant crops had failed. The only success was a New World crop, corn, which the local Native Americans had introduced them to. Nevertheless, only so much corn could be raised and stored and near the end of the winter they were running out.

Historical records indicate that there was a weeklong period in which food was rationed and the adults of the community, except for the pregnant women, had to live on a ration of five kernels of corn per day. It was the only food the community had as it awaited the early crops of the coming spring, which included wild berries, and the game that would return once the vegetation emerged.

Youth are asked to eat the five kernels as if that were their daily allotment of food. Briefly discuss what living like this would be like if this is all people had to eat each day. Then it is time for the prepared dinner. The youth should have a greater appreciation for all that we have in this country after this exercise.


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 The most important

ten verses of scripture

for these troubled times:

Matthew 25: 31-40

  See Jesus' Last Word below


New Year's activity 

Christmas Trivia 12.12[1].png

Jesus took the entire law, 18 thousand words of guidance, and reduced it to just 37 words:

Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'

Jesus clearly understood what the healing power of love was for a troubled world.

Brian's Gift

They say in the darkest of times unlikely heroes emerge. The call came. Brian, who was called back to work to bring the staff back on board, was himself deemed non-essential. Back on furlough he truly wanted to be at work to support his staff working without pay.

Read what Brian did at: Brian's Special Gift

Imaculatte's assessment of Psalms 100 as well as thoughts from John of the USA. Click:

 International Bible Study Group

May 3, 2019

Imagine if there was a day and an hour set aside for all people to pray. Pray to whichever God you believe in. If atheist or agnostic, take the same hour to meditate. Just take an hour, a half hour or five minutes off during that hour of prayer to be quiet and ask for...

May 2, 2019

We live in a time that conflict is everywhere. Some are focused on the present. Other's on the world's future needs and some trying to do both. What do YOU think is the most significant change needed in the world? We have our suggestion but let's hear yours first.


January 16, 2019

We are all trying to share our experiences by writing and we live in a world where Christian values need to be shared. You have past memories, experiences or ideas to share and your future is to write a book.

I have published two books through Xulon Press. They did a go...

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New Passage for Review: The Beatitudes... Matthew 5: 3-12 

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We used this as a way of sensitizing our young people to the extraordinary spread of the gospel in the first century A.D.


First I asked this question. We get a phone call from a teenager that says she and a few friends want to start a youth group but they do not know where to start. They heard that we have a successful program in Deer Park and want to hear some of our ideas. How many youth members would be willing to call them? Some members would do so but most preferred a group response.

Click Walking like Jesus for more information

Halloween Activities for Christian Youth

Last year our youth received a surprise at the annual Halloween

party. They received, near the end of the night, a list of written,

outrageous rules posted in the front of their meeting place.

They were called the ...

500 Rules

Now there were not 500 rules given but  those given  were purposely quite unfair. For example one was - if caught talking to a friend, the guilty party must recite the Ten Commandments and add an eleventh, "Thou shalt not talk during youth group announcements." Another was: if you missed church services on Sunday morning, you could not come to youth group that evening. There were about six or seven in all, some particular to the room in which we met.

Please click: More Halloween Activities for more details about the 500 Rules activity , including  ideas like Scarecrow Relay

Lesson Five of "Revelation for Teens" entitled

"The Woman in Childbirth and the Dragon"

We met with our young people  to present mission opportunities to them as they are quite interested

in assisting others. When I told them Jesus calls us

  to provide two different types of mission they were  puzzled. "Isn't mission when we do things to

 help the poor?" one student asked. "Of course

it is", I replied. Then we turned to the scriptures.

Read our mission activity for youth groups at: 

Three Missions

Take the Valentines Quiz


learn the difference between Agape, Eros and Philio Love

Click: Valentines Love Study

The beginning of a new year is a good time to assess our faith and where it is leading us. Then to take the big step - act and commit to change.

Click  Act and Commit ... an exercise for adults and older youth

Read the story of the Christmas carol:

Do You See What I See?

Micah: I know ... well ... let me just start at the beginning I brought the sheep in, like I always do. It was, as you said, a cool night. Suddenly a breeze picked up. Not a strong one but it happened so suddenly. The sheep became more and more restless so I went outside. The sheep had begun to wander... all but four or five of them. It was so unusual as they are usually so good. Well, down the slope they went ..

Friend: The one in back of your home which we used to roll down?

Micah: Uh huh ... I followed them to the bottom of that slope and there it was.

Micah: The star ... the one everyone's been talking about.

Friend: Oh yes, when I stopped to pick up water this morning, the people at the well were talking about it.

Micah: It was really something ... at least twice as bright as anything I've ever seen.

Friend: Where was it?





The Mysteries of Revelation ... Is it about the future? Is that future in the foreseeable future?

Lesson Five describes a "great and mysterious sight appears. John envisions a woman about to give birth and suddenly a red dragon appears standing in front of the woman.













What he does is truly  both bizarre and "mysterious".


 John's vision of the dragon and the woman follows his  description of the Seven Seals (lesson three) and the Seven Trumpets (lesson four) in our  lesson on Revelation, which can be found at:

                     Click: Revelation Study


Do you want your youth to pray comfortably?

Would you like them to pray with you?



Trust and Prayer Activity 

Ask youth to sit "Indian style" in a circle. Have some small candles available that can be held, one for each youth. Read the requests for change that have been recorded. Now advise youth that we will pray for these as follows...

Read the full activity at:

Trust and Prayer



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My name is Tim Ferguson and my Christian Youth Ministry began as a high school student at a Baptist Church in Port Jefferson, N.Y. Our adult leader often looked to me for ideas and even let me run a few meetings.

After returning from college in 1969 two local churches, one Presbyterian and one Methodist, joined together in a local coffeehouse ministry. Before I knew it, I was left in charge. It was a volatile time. The group had its share of Vietnam Veterans as well as protestors of that war. Everyone, it seemed, played acoustic guitar. People liked to philosophize about faith but involvement in the actual church was lessoning. In the midst of this, events like "Olympics", and "flashlight sing" evolved. These events were still used forty years later.

In 1973 it became apparent that it was time for me to move on. It was difficult. Though I had a job at a local insurance company, my work at the coffeehouse was my real mission in life. It took a good friend's heart to heart conversation with me to solidify my conviction that there truly was a new life ahead. I prayed about it and decided to leave it in God's hands - I would take the first affordable apartment anywhere within an hour's drive of my place of business.

In May 1973 that "anywhere" became an unknown town in central Long Island, N.Y. by the name of North Babylon. Bordering to its north was the village of Deer Park. To my amazement the very first Sunday I attended the Deer Park Presbyterian Church a church elder announced that he wanted the church to support a new local coffeehouse. God had called me to leave one coffeehouse ministry behind and immediately gave me a new one in my new home. To this day I still marvel at how God calls us to our missions.

The Deer Park Coffeehouse was, in actuality, a post high school youth gathering and ran weekly for eleven event-filled years. In many ways a mission project, the group became a family of friends that still exists to this day. Several individuals from the group were introduced to our church through the coffeehouse. During these years I became a parent, started teaching a seventh grade Sunday school class and was elected to the church board of elders. Soon after the Cub Scouts of America called and seven years of den leadership became my new calling.

However, God was not yet through with me in terms of this church's youth work. The church asked for a new senior/junior high leader and I, at the time with fifth and eight grade sons, stepped forward on Easter Sunday 1994. As blessed as the previous programs were, this one was especially blessed


We were blessed by youth who cared and who wanted to make a difference. Many have made testimonials under the "Youth Speak Out" page on this website. They made a name for themselves by serving seventy-five homeless people on the lower east side of N.Y. City outdoors during a blizzard in January 2005. They embraced the Thirty Hour Famine for seventeen years and for several years brought other Christian youth groups into this program by inviting them to join us. I am particularly blessed that several of the children of the original Deer Park coffeehouse members attended our youth group even though the families were active in other local churches.. It was so much fun to see Steven E. do well at Olympic events at which his father Joe E. excelled in the late 1970's


In the Fall of 2014 the youth group ended as there were no longer Junior and Senior High School students active in the church. It was a good twenty year run and I have been pleased to continue my Christian youth work via this website. People from around the world continue to share how they use the many activities available through various pages on the website.

I have been blessed by the support of my wife, LInda, during these years of youth work. I also thank the efforts of Coffeehouse members from the past who, as adults, have lended their assistance to the youth program.

I received the honor of a television interview with a New York television station on August 19, 2017, an opportunity to share the challenges youth ministry has brought to me.

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